Monday, September 15, 2008

My Birfday... and PS I have the Best Wife!

So Tuesday is my thirty-somethingth birthday. I say Thirty-somethingth , not because I feel old and don't want people to know how old I am, but because I can't really remember which thirty it is offhand. After about 25 I kinda stopped caring how old I was, so when people ask me, I have to do the quick math to figure it out - and if you know anything about my allergies to math, you would know there is no such thing as "quick" math. Ok, Fine. If you must know: I was born in 1975, that means in 1985 I was 10, 95 I was 20, 2005 I was 30, in 2015 I will be 40 minus 5 = 35 in 2010, it's 2008, so take off 2 more = 33. There I'm 33 - and that wasn't much of an exaggeration of how my mind caculates math.
Not that that pain is over with, let me tell you about my Birthday present. I've never really been one for big birthday celebrations. Parties are fun, but usually more stressfull than they are worth. As for presents, I never know what I want. Cash is usually a safe gift, but then it burns a hole in my pocket and I just end up buying lunch with it. Valerie is pretty observant about the random times I'll be watching TV and a commercial for the newest Batman or GI Joe toy will come on and i'll exclaim "Ooo, I want that!" But this year she gave me an awesome gift! The gift of nothing. That's right, this year she said she wasn't going to do or get me anything for my big day. Instead, what she did, was let me spend the entire Saturday (this past one) Hanging out with my friends.
The morning started early. I met my friends Jacob and Emron (both of whom I went to BYU with and who work at Pixar with me now) at Lou's house. Lou works at Pixar too but was about 12 letters off and went to NYU instead of BYU. The four of us loaded up in Jacob's spacious extended cab F-150 with our golf clubs in the bed and went golfing. Jacob even played Gwen Stefani for me while we drove. The course we went to was a tiny pitch -n- put par 3 course. This was Emron's first time golfing (though he dressed like a pro), and Lou's first time since he was a kid. We had a great time. We basically had the course to ourselves and played several balls each. The best thing is, I started with 5 golf balls and fiished with 20! Ohh Ye-ah! I would have had dozens more, but the fairways are lined in Blackberry bushes. THORNS! These are some pictures Jacob took - which is why he's not in any of them.

We finished golfing in time to head back to Lou's to watch the BYU vs UCLA slaughter on his wall with his High Definition projector. 59 -0?! Are you kidding! That was AWESOME! After that we played Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 (1080p HD!) That is a seriously fun game! We tried a bit of Halo3 on the xbox360, but Call of Duty was really much cooler. Finally after about 12 hours of fun, I went home to my beautiful wife who was glad that I had a fun day. That was such a fun birthday present!
Now tomorrow we'll have cupcakes to celebrate, but that is really for the benefit of Val and the kids. They all love birthdays way more than me so I don't mind a little partying for their happiness. After all, I do have the best wife and kids.

PS Val made this Blog for me because I kept complaining about not having time to start my own blog. Thanks Valerie!

PPS I just want to clarify, I know there is a picture of Barak Obama in my header surrounded by things I like. I am not currently a Barak Obama supporter (or democrat even), I'm just not convinced yet that McCain/Palin will be any less fascist than our current emperor.


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You're old.

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Happy Birthday Ben. You're not old at all. Even a tiny bit. Actually 33 is the perfect age. I've heard theories that we will be resurrected to the age of 33. So try and enjoy your perfect year.

Maxmomma said...

Ben!!!! Happy Birthday Man! Glenn and I are so excited for you over here... you most certainly have the best wife. tell her she needs to slow it down- she's raising the bar too high for the rest of us :). Hey, now you need to come and stay with us and we'll all go to Disneyland together!

have a wonderful day! Yay for the Day Ben Porter was born!

Maxmomma said...

Congratulations on Pajama Gladiator!

The Crenshaw Melons said...

Happy Birthday! ... Let the Halloween decorating begin! Yes, we remember your obsession. Every time we see crazy Halloween stuff we think of you.
- Katherine

hanndallfam said...

Happy Birthday, big brother! Contrary to other comments...I think 33 is old! (Sorry Andy) I'm excited you have your own blog because, even though you're old, I think you're still pretty funny. I love how you did your math- it's pretty close to how it goes in my head too. Happy b-day again and I hope to see you soon (Christmas, right?)

Emron said...

happy REAL bday. Argyle rocks!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Happy birthday Ben. This is great. Now I don't have to call to say it and I don't have to feel guilty because I won't call.
33 looks a whole lot better on my wife than it does on you!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I would have commented earlier in the day but Valerie emailed everyone in the world about your new blog...but me! Thanks to a forward from Hannah! Is Val trying to tell me something? I won't let Scott in on your Obama almost-love...he would be mortified!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday--just for the record, I remembered before I even read your blog or the email from Val. I always appreciated being born in 1980 because it makes the math a million times easier. Enjoy the cupcakes!

Abby Marie said...

I was reading your blog in the HBLL at BYU and started laughing really hard, but quietly I thought. All of a sudden I realize the kid sitting at the table across from me is looking at me and cracking up. He said, "did you find something funny?" I will now be careful not to read your blogs in public places where the general rule is to be quiet.

TheOrderofthePorters said...

And by the way, you guys aren't allowed to give us any more grief for being lovey dovey on our blog because you guys do quite a bit of lovin yourselves.