Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love Fall!

So there are 3 main things I love about Fall. I look forward to each of them for months! They are: Halloween, BYU Football, and the new season of TV! I have a little to say about each:


And you would be disappointed in the lack of Halloweenness in my home so far. I usually decorate the house for Halloween on Sept 16 (My Birthday), and spend birthday money on new decorations. This Year, I live in a real, live, haunted-house-looking victorian! But I sold most of my decorations before moving to CA and it depresses me to think how cool it 'could have been' compared to what it 'will be'. I am feeling repentant though and will be decorating very soon!

As for the TV shows. THANK GOODNESS the new season finally started!!! We were going insane watching stupid reruns of stupid shows all summer long. I checked for all our favorites and wrote down a schedule of when they premier and what we will watch each night.

It works out great! We will be watching Chuck and Heroes on monday, House and Fringe (If I can get passed the main girl's 'always worried' eyebrows) on Tuesday. Wednesday is the only problem, Val likes Pushing Daisies, I like Bones. (That is a weird sentence if you don't read it in context), followed by Ghost Hunters (the only cable show on our schedule). Thursday is "Play XBOX with Val night" until The Office is on, and Friday is dvd date with Val.

It's silly that I look forward, for months, to 6 1/2 hours of TV each week - but I do. I just worry how our near perfect TV schedule will hold up in early 2009 when we will need to squeeze in LOST (and possibly 24).


Ben Porter said...

I like the idea of DVD Friday Night. Now if I could only stay awake. . .

Valerie said...

Of course the first comment is me and not you. I forgot to sign in.

Andy Porter said...

What about Prison Break? If you can't get over the worried eyebrows, watch the Mentalist. It is on at the same time as the Fringe. I share the same love for the Fall TV season.
I love the Cartoon. You should win an award for that one.

Abby Marie said...

you forgot to say something about BYU football.

Kathy said...

I can't believe how funny that cartoon is. What a riot.