Monday, January 17, 2011


Beware. There are spoilers in this, so don't read it if you to want it to be spoiled!

You may remember last year when I summarized "New Moon" in 19 frames. Well, I just saw "Eclipse" and felt the need to summarize it as well. As before, I do this as a service to all those who have no desire to watch the movie, but might be curious. Also as before, my comments on the film are below the image.

In this one, Bella has traded self loathing for complete selfishness. She wants both boys. She wants both boys to want her. She wants what she wants with no regard for the feelings of anyone else. Once again, why would you want your main character to be so unappealing?
I'm looking forward to the next movie - where she dies! The story is much more entertaining after that.