Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food-Stuffed Food

Let's face it: Food is Delicious.

That's it's purpose of existence: To taste good.

And certain flavors work well with others so that both taste better, and are more edible. I guess you could say "both are edified". You know what I mean; Bacon and eggs, fruit and cheese, sweet and salty, and of course, peanut butter and chocolate.

Actually, peanut butter and chocolate is a perfect example of what I wanted to share today. Long ago if people wanted to eat it, they would have to pick a chocolate bar right off the chocolate tree and dip it into the river of peanut butter - like chips and dip. Then one day, some genius thought about stuffing some peanut butter inside the chocolate and gave us Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

I think more foods should get stuffed into other foods.

The other day I made breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs. I'd heard about a new way to prepare it so I gave it a try. I mostly cooked the bacon and sausage, then poured pancake batter over it. The result: Bacon or sausage-stuffed pancakes! They were so delicious! The pancakes cooked in the bacon grease. And so efficient!

A couple of weeks ago I ate at KFC. I got a "Double Down". Have you ever heard of it? It's simply a bacon and cheese sandwich, but in place of bread, they use two crispy chicken breasts. So Good! But hard to eat. You have to hold it by the wrapper and avoid eating the paper. Of course you could hold it by the chicken then just lick your fingers clean at the end, but after seeing that Doritos commercial where the guys grabs the other guy's hand and sucks the Dorito dust off them, I'm a bit paranoid. I wouldn't want some stranger sucking the residual double-down off my fingers.

I used to make what I called "The heart stopper". It's just a regular cheeseburger, but instead of buns, I used two grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about delicious! Of course you often felt your arteries filling with plaque as you ate it - hence the name.

I guess my point is, we should be more daring with our food and simplify it by stuffing it inside a complimentary food.

Root beer-stuffed pizza anyone?


Andy Porter said...

I feel 10 lbs heavier after reading this post.

Valerie said...

You didn't talk about your donut that you put bacon on.

I'd like to see you stuff root beer into pizza.

Auntie Bliss said...

are you a fan of Epic mealtime on Youtube? check out the thanksgiving one...haha and blech.