Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it Snow part 2

This is a continuation of the post I made earlier today. Don't forget to scroll down and read that one as well!
So, I just got done making snowflakes with the kids. Here are the ones they made.

I made a couple as directed by the kids. Xander wanted Iron Man and Spiderman.

I know! Spidey looks like a Roswell alien. Leave me alone already! You try making a snowflake while a 4 year old tries to clime on your lap and put his head in your line of sight! Jeeez!

CJ requested a Ballerina, and Mia really wanted a spider. I didn't have the energy to make two more - so I only made one.

I must say, this one is fun! Even the spiders are doing ballet!

Now on to sweeping up the confetti we left behind.


Sarah said...

Those snowflakes are the coolest!! Very impressive!

Abby Watson said...

Sometimes when I make snowflakes they accidentally end up looking just like yours.

Okay, actually they end up looking just like the one's the kids made.

These should win an award.

Kathy said...


Andy Porter said...

Don't you think you are spoiling your kids? They are going to grow up thinking normal parents can do the sort of projects you do. Everyone on the planet is going to seem super boring after growing up with you and Val.