Sunday, October 4, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter... sorta.

It's October! That means it's almost Halloween! My favorite time of year! Time to Decorate!

When we moved to California, we were moving into a teeny tiny apartment with no storage space. We had to make some sacrifices, so I sold 90% of my Halloween decorations. It was fine at the time, but every Halloween since has been a bit depressing when it comes to decorating. Last year Val was so depressed about it that she and the kids made a bunch of decorations for the house. After Halloween, she bought a few decorations at the post-Halloween sales for us to use this year. One thing she got me was a 3 foot articulated skeleton.
I like skeletons.
I named him "Bones" after my last 3 foot articulated skeleton who got "garage sold".

Tonight we decided to decorate the house for FHE. I broke out the 3 - no, the 2 - no, our only box of decorations and we went to work. 30 seconds later the house was decorated with a giant spider on the chandelier, window clings on the window, my funeral dirge playin' skull on top of the book shelf, and three porcelain ghosts on another shelf. All done. But wait! where is Bones?

Why, he's (or rather "she's", as I have been informed) playing with Mia!

Mia has adopted Bones as her friend. Bones sat next to her on the tiny couch. They played dress up. They danced and did gymnastics. Bones is having the best time ever. Mia likes how big Bones is - almost as big as her - yet she can carry her around like her own baby.

The picture at the top of the post is where Bones was left when Mia went to bed. tucked snugly in the corner (Mia's Happy Spot), with a box for a pillow and another box in case she gets bored.

It's nice to see how my love of Halloween and scary movies has rubbed off on my kids. I first noticed it when warning Xander that a movie is "kinda scary" convinces him to watch, even if he has to stop his tantrum first. They love movies like Coraline (Mia wants to be her for halloween), Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Monster House, and the "scary" Harry Potters.

My kids aren't strange or creepy or goth or "Wednesday" like (think Addams Family). They are cheerful, pleasant, happy kids. In fact, they are fascinated by the pretend nature of scary things. Maybe I'm raising a brood of future visual effects giants!

One can only hope.


Zaehringers said...

Love her imagination!

Andy Porter said...

Addie's words," Is that real?? Does Mia really have a skeleton toy? Can we do it all over again? I want to hear Mia again".

Kathy said...

That is sooo funny. It was eerie watching Mia dress that skeleton. It's just a perfect size doll.