Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Places to Pee and Places to Play

This past Saturday, Val and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. Actually Monday was our anniversary - we just observed it on Saturday. We took a Go-Car tour of San Fransisco. A Go-Car is a 2 person (side-by-side), three wheeler (50cc) scooter that you drive all over the city while a nice lady in your radio tells you about stuff (based on her gps). We were going for 3 hours, so i thought it would be fun to document all the places where Valerie had to stop and pee (Pregnant ladies have to pee all the time, you know). Well, it turns out that she only had to go twice - right at the beginning (In a hotel across the street from the Go-Car rental), and then when we were done and eating lunch in Lori's Diner (next door to the hotel).
BTW: Lori's was delicious and fun! It was like a 1950's diner with checkered floor and red and chrome booths and fun, friendly, servers.

One of the places we went is the old WWII gun battlements. They are right at the tip of the Golden Gate and were there to protect the bay from a Pearl Harbor type attack. Now they are just a super cool place to play! I expect me and the guys will have to throw on our military gear from Halloween and pose for some pictures! Maybe we'll even get ambitious enough to shoot some video! We'll see.

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Valerie said...

I would have had to go more, but I held back from the water I brought. Had I known you would be blogging, I would have definitely entertained the idea more and provided you with at least 5 more places.