Monday, October 13, 2008


So a lot of my family are concerned about my political affiliation. Well, I thought I would take a few minutes to explain my views. Unfortunately I could fill a book with them, so I'll have to abbreviate. I think the majority of the country has chosen a side and blindly votes for their side time and again. Don't you think it would be better for the country if everybody would actually look at both sides each time and pick whats best from EITHER side? Maybe the bad guy is more honest.

First Let's look at what's wrong right now.

Our current Leader is an idiot frat boy whose cronyism and fear mongering has made him an all powerful Emperor. He reminds me of my Senior Class President in high school. He was elected Class President because he was popular and could drink more beers than any of his competitors. The fact that it would be his responsibility to organize our reunions didn't seem to bother anybody. Now years later, his ineptness is all too obvious through our lack of reunions. W and his buddies took care of all their agendas during their time. They got to attack Iraq and 'show Hussein whose boss'. Their friends in the oil business got richer than ever. And I could go on.

The point is simply this. The current Republican Administration doesn't seem to care how they destroy the country as long as they get what they want. Almost everything needs to change!

So lets look at the pros/cons of the candidates. I have a chart at the bottom that summarizes all this.

McCain Pros: He's experienced in Washington. He has military experience so he would probably be more cautious than W and his buddies when it comes to war. He's got a reputation for crossing his party to push legislation he believes is important for the country.

Cons: He's a grumpy old guy who thinks it's OK for the leader of the most advanced country in the world to not know about 'the internets' or use computers. He has really short arms - like a velociraptor. He appears to be towing the party line of fear mongering, and although he has sometimes crossed his party, he seems to be comfortably backing the GOP message. I hope that he's doing that because he needs the party's support to be elected, and as soon as he is, he'll go back to following his conscience. How much do I trust him? 3 out of 5. I worry that he'll be bullied by his party to do things their way.

Palin Pros: She's pretty and young. Tina Fey does the best impersonation of her and 4 years of that would totally be worth it! See for yourself.

Cons: Could she be less qualified to lead this country? Just watch the SNL clip to see what I mean. I know it's a joke, but some of here answers are nearly word for word from the real interview.

Obama Pros: He's young and intelligent. He's NOT a Republican. He wants to change the way things are right now. He preaches Hope instead of Fear.

Cons: He's a Democrat - that's a big one, we could go from a fascist regime to a communist society. He's a slick talker. This isn't necessarily bad, but i get suspicious when i hear the silver tongue. How much do i trust him? 4 out of 5. I'm pretty sure he'll try to do the things he says he will.

Biden Pros: He has lot's of experience.
Cons: He seems to be a non-entity. No one talks about him good or bad, maybe he doesn't do anything beyond being a grumpy old man.

So what it comes down to is this. I would like to vote for McCain because his ideals match my own the closest, but if he were to die because of his old age, the country would be in a very bad situation if it had to rely on Palin to lead. Also, who knows if he will bring a change to Washington, or if he'll just join with the current Empire.


Obama's ideals are far from my own in most cases, but I believe he'll bring a needed change to Washington.


The question is Do you vote for the guy who believes the same as you, but may be more of the same problem. Or do you vote for the guy who doesn't share your views, but at least you know where things stand with him?

I don't know. But I still have a few weeks to decide.


justamom said...

Well, I hope that when you wrote this you realized there was gonna be some backlash. Ok, so, one key difference between McCain and seems that McCain is doing everything he can to lead his party in a new direction, whereas Obama is the inexperienced puppet of the party. I think McCain actually has a record of doing SOMETHING. Tell me one accomplishment that Obama has other than being the first black Presidential Candidate. Also, HELLO if you have issues with Palin's experience how can you not have issues with Obama's? They both only have one term under their belt. She was at least a governor and got stuff done. I could go on...about Obama's terrorist affiliations and how he is of the order of Nehor, but...I got most of it out of my system. :)

Andy Porter said...

Is it an election year?

Andy Porter said...

Iraq is reason enough to keep a republican in office.

Kathy said...

James Benjamin! Go directly to the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap!

Betsy said...

Here's a question: Do you think you can be a true Democrat and an active member of the Church? Also, California thinking is quite contagious--I hope, though, you will still be voting yes on Proposition 8.

Sarah said...

I think I'm gonna get a McCain sign for my front put right next to the Obama sign of my neighbors. It's not that I love McCain it's that I don't trust Obama to really do what is right. Obama reminds me of my senior English teacher...he had all the kids thinking he was the best thing ever. They idolized him and his liberal thinking and ways. The way they followed him made me puke. They stopped thinking for themselves and thought everything he said was gospel.